Why the Municipality? 

The Municipality of Beirut is the local decentralized authority that represents all of its city dwellers, provides public services and develops public policies based on their needs. The Municipality of Beirut should shield all the citizens by avoiding political polarization and claiming its legitimacy through representing the people rather than representing particular political parties and religious sects. The Municipality will share information through transparent mechanisms of action, and provides numerous channels for city dwellers to voice their concerns and impact the future of their city. The Municipality of Beirut will place the well-being of the citizens and their livelihoods at the center of its development strategy for the city, making the goal of urban livability its core concern.

I do not vote in Beirut, but I live in the city and pay my taxes in it. What guarantees me that you will carry my voice and my demands?

Our program improves the living conditions and security of basic rights of every resident, citizens, worker, and stakeholder of Beirut. Beirut Madinati will publish all public documentation online (municipal budget, documentation related to expenditures and revenues, public procurement, decisions of the governor of Beirut, decisions of the municipal council, etc.), and will rely on participatory mechanisms such as local municipal committees and town hall meetings to benefit from the input of qualified and engaged citizens.

What is the basis upon which your program was formulated?

The basis of our electoral program is a selection of the most sustainable projects and plans as suggested by Lebanon’s leading experts since the 1990s. The program also draws on projects suggested by the citizens of Beirut themselves via a consultation process on the neighborhood level that surveys their opinions and demands. Beirut Madinati continuously updates its program based on the suggestions of the citizens and therefore invites you to contact us and submit your suggestions for further discussion.

If you are technocrats, how will you survive in the Lebanese bureaucratic jungle? What guarantees your survival in the face of the political and official parties that will interfere daily in your work?

Our campaign involves a spectrum of candidates with extensive experience in politics, the private sector, and public policy, in addition to possessing technical knowledge. We have decided to run for elections with full knowledge of the Lebanese bureaucratic complications, and with full awareness of the political interventions and pressures that accompany municipal elections. These practices are precisely what have encouraged us to run for office to reform public administration practices in Beirut. We think it is necessary to launch a comprehensive decentralization reform process that aims to improve the bureaucratic administration of the city.
We are confident in our ability to face all these challenges and drastically improve the quality of life in our city through serious and persistent work, and – most importantly – thanks to the trust of the citizens of Beirut in our work.

How will you deal with the powers of the Governor of Beirut?

The success of the Municipality of Beirut depends on the quality of the relationship between the elected municipal council and the head of the executive authority at the municipality. We, at Beirut Madinati, believe in the necessity to build a relationship of trust, partnership and cooperation with the Governor of Beirut, based on constant coordination and dialogue, in the name of the citizens of Beirut.