Beirut Madinati is your campaign. It only grows stronger with your support.
Your contribution will help the campaign organize more events, contact more potential voters and organize logistics for elections day.
Beirut Madinati is not backed by any political party or local or foreign organization. It is only through supporters like you that we can win elections in May and make Beirut a more livable city.

How to Donate


  • By check: A check payable to “Beirut Madinati”
  • By Bank Transfer: IBL Bank (Ashrafieh Branch, Beirut, Lebanon)
  • IBAN USD LB21 0052 0007 0023 0107 0603 7016 / IBAN LBP LB92 0052 0007 0013 0107 0603 7014

Contribution Rules

  • Donations are made to Beirut Madinati, a nonprofit civil company (registration number 697 date 11/2/2016) aimed at raising awareness and providing support to promote the municipal electoral process based on democratic values and socio-economic development.
  • It is understood that if the Donor specifically provides that his/her donation is not to be announced toward the public, Beirut Madinati will keep the name anonymous.
  • It is acknowledged by the Donor that the payment of the Donation shall not be constrained by any condition or obligation or request whether political, economic, social, administrative or any other consideration.
  • It is acknowledged that the Donation and its payment is not connected to the occurrence of any event or circumstance, especially the following: 1) The municipality elections being held or not; 2) The municipality elections being delayed or not; 3) The list of candidates Beirut Madinati to run for elections; 4) The names of any of the coordinators, directors, officers or volunteers working for campaign; 5) Beirut Madinati principles, program, communication strategy or any other elements related to how work is to be carried out.
  • It is acknowledged by the Donor that no repayment of principle or interest or the like is due on behalf of Beirut Madinati of such contributions, whether in cash or nature or benefits or any sort or kind of services.
  • It is expressly clarified and understood that Beirut Madinati runs the campaign and conducts all the work in an independent manner in its own name and for its own account.