Our Code of Ethics & Conduct


Beirut Madinati’s (hereafter referred to as “the campaign”) main principles reflect our vision in local governance and governing Beirut, and help organize the working relationship amongst our members. These principles set the foundation for the candidates’ steps and structure in organizing the campaign’s program (hereon referred to as the “program”). These principles assist us in adopting and executing the program, in addition to clarifying our governing principles. These principles are to be adopted by the candidates and are to be used to deal with any public or private figure that campaigners will work with to attain the campaign’s goals.

Scope: These codes are implemented on the candidates, the working committees’ members, volunteers and everyone else that is working on the campaign (hereon referred to as “participants in the campaign” or “participants”).

We, participants, adhere to all of these codes, customs and principles listed here in this code of ethics (hereon referred to as the “codes”). We promise to follow them in all our personal and public actions related to the campaign.

Our Local Executive Authority Vision

Authority: Democracy is the basis for any form of authority. We believe in fair and transparent elections, and we firmly believe that there should not be a polarization of power from any party, be it military, financial, sectarian, etc. We reject any illegal and unconstitutional extension of power to any governing body or person.

Right to vote and run for municipal elections: We believe that citizens’ civil rights include voting and running for office. These are basic rights that should not be withheld from any citizen without a legal reason.

Equal representation: We believe that municipal elections should represent the various segments of society. We do not differentiate between social classes, sex, sects, ethnicity, class or any other variation in society.

Merit and experience: We believe that a benchmark for merit, experience and effort are the prerequisite to attaining any position, including municipal council posts. We reject any illegal ways that help anyone attain authority.

Transparency and accountability: We believe that our actions related to voters and inhabitants are defined by transparency and through concrete actions. We reaffirm that power and accountability are the founding blocks for any scope that deals with public affairs. Hence, we promise to safeguard our voters’ and stakeholders’ interests. We believe this relationship with our voters and stakeholders can be strengthened through forging a cooperative dynamic based on an exchange of transparent concrete facts that enable accountability. We believe in preventing and obstructing any act that squanders municipal funds. We will stand in the face of corruption in all its forms.

Our Vision for Beirut

We believe in asserting Beirut’s presence and its role as the capital city and Lebanon’s main gateway.
We aspire to preserve Beirut’s spirit. We believe Beirut is a lively, liberal, diverse and embracing city that will seek to continually develop itself.
Beirut’s citizens’ quality of living is at the forefront of our concerns, which can be seen through the plans and strategy that we have adopted and pledged to carry out in full. These livability plans serve the interests of Beirut’s citizens and dwellers as a whole and they assert citizens’ rights when it comes to their mobility, health and living in the city.
We regard Beirut as a diverse, regional, cultural and financial center that has the ability to endorse all its urban and suburban dwellers.
We envision a green Beirut that enjoys an amplitude of accessible public green spaces, including its seafront.
We pledge to offer a variety of options to those who wish to reside within the city. These options will cater to the varying classes and will factor in transportation within and in and out of the city.
We aspire to change Beirut from a city that mass consumes disposable and natural resources into a model, modern city that can environmentally sustain itself.
We will tirelessly work to have Beirut’s inhabitants believe in their city, and for Beirut to evolve into a dynamic city that efficiently responds to its inhabitants’ needs through functional two-way channels that elaborate inhabitant concerns.
We assert that we will operate under complete transparency and be held accountable for our actions as part of the municipal council.

Main common decision-making principles amongst candidates

Decision-making is through participation and discussion that takes into consideration varying opinions and differences.
Dialogue and co-existence is a pillar in our mode of operation, especially when it comes to taking administrative and executive decisions.
We aspire to be unanimous when it comes to taking decisions. We believe in lateral decision-making and oppose hierarchal decision-making processes. However, if unanimity cannot be reached, we will resort to majority voting.
We pledge to adhere to decisions taken by the council abiding by the aforementioned principles with the aspiration to strengthen the spirit of coordination and unity, simultaneously taking into consideration the campaign’s public interest and preserving the right to differ.
We hope to prevent any schisms and prevent being static while maintaining dialogue among us, candidates.

Liberty and diversity of the participants

We are liberal and independent individuals that vow to withhold from sectarian and political alignment.
We believe this campaign is a space for dialogue that can discuss any issue and concern.
We respect diversity and varying opinions that respect the general principles of the campaign.

Campaign’s relationship to Beirut voters and inhabitants

We believe in inclusive dialogue among Beirut’s voters and inhabitants.
We pledge to withhold from pressuring voters and will not partake in any forms of bribery, blackmail or inciting hatred and animosity.
We respect freedom of choice.


We depend on capitalizing qualifications available among us. Consequently, we can distribute tasks and duties thus paving the way for voluntary participation.
We pledge to capitalize on all our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of this campaign and to better serve the public’s interest.
We strive to solve the city’s matters scientifically and practically by suggesting progressive, long-term, durable solutions.
We will compound our experience with past experiences and strive to be progressive and innovative in our solutions in the public domain.
Our solutions will be environmentally sound and sustainable, both financially and environmentally.

Integrity and credibility

We pledge that all our actions are made with integrity and credibility, and we assert our pledge to transparency when it comes to dealing with our voters and fellow campaigners.
We pledge integrity, clarity and meticulousness in any administrative, financial, organizational or executive form of action, both during the campaign and once part of the municipal council.
We pledge that we will efficiently disseminate any information and facts that will serve the campaign and its goals.

Responsibility and conduct

We are responsible for all our actions, both negative and positive.
We assert that all the participants in the campaign are personally responsible for their actions and words, regardless of the stakes or repercussions. In case they violate the agreed upon principles or decisions, they are personally responsible for the consequent repercussions. Their violations will not affect the campaign, campaigners or volunteers.

Conflict of interest

We pledge that this campaign’s goals and interests are above our personal goals and interests.
We will tirelessly work to sort out any differences or conflict of interest through calm dialogue. Discussion and intervention from our colleagues is welcome to iron out any difference in vision.
In case there is a gap between the various campaigners, personal or strategic, we will collaborate to seek a practical, legal solution preventing any media leaks or negative publicity.
Any individual’s withdrawal from the campaign must be professional and ethical and must not engage in negative publicity towards the campaign or campaigners.


Self-criticism and constructive criticism are pillars that guarantee effectiveness and responsibility of actions.
We all adhere to the forms of criticism and accountability that the campaign embraces.
We will adhere to regular and frequent evaluation of our individual and group actions.
We will depend on scientific and practical forms of evaluation of our work and actions that will not factor in our personal interests and wishes.


We believe in nonviolent political work, and we will not resort to any forms of violence or embrace any third party’s resort to violence.

Cooperation and allegiance to the principles

We pledge to support each other to achieve our common goal, in addition to cooperate with people outside of the campaign team, abiding by our agreed upon code of ethics.
We pledge to support each other and the candidates before and during the municipal elections, hoping to fulfill our campaign goals of winning municipal elections and implementing the program. This pledge comes regardless of whether the winning candidates are a majority or minority in Beirut’s Municipal Council and extends to implementing the program as wholly as we possibly can.


All our discussions and exchanges within the campaign, among campaigners and campaign committees are confidential.
We pledge to respect the confidentiality of every campaign member’s personal data, opinions and interjections that are listed in the meetings’ minutes.
We respect our fellow campaigners’ private lives outside the scope of the campaign.

General principles that will govern the municipal election campaign

Agreement on the common principles and ethics
The program is a dynamic, constructive process that grows through cooperation and harmony when it comes to falling under the general principles and code of ethics mentioned above.
We pledge that the program is a reflection of our individual principles and ethics as well as the campaign’s.

Power sharing:
Our municipal program was put together by a group of various individuals and entities in civil society.
Professionals from various sectors living both in Beirut and its suburbs have given their time and experience to serve the municipal campaign.
Civic campaigns that have initiated, launched and mobilized nongovernmental organizations that support core issues in Beirut’s favor and its role are taken into consideration.
Private and entrepreunial initiatives have proved, through their will and power, to be able to provide the basis and foundation for an improved quality of life in Beirut.

Neighborhoods throughout the city have participated in constructive dialogue discussions that have shed light on their needs, role and expectations.

We will work to have a program that will take into consideration individuals’ lives, their day-to-day needs, be it economic, social, health, educational, cultural or any others.
We will resolve any outstanding issues within reasonable time constraints, depending on the issue and resorting to the most affordable means.
We will continually strive for the program to remain a practical, reasonable and scientific tool taking into consideration time, place, challenges and opportunities.

Evaluation and commensurability

We will always try to seek out sustainable and practical resolutions in light of scientific progress and development. These solutions will compare and contrast similar previous cases in order to optimize our methods and solutions.
We will work toward innovating solutions and projects that can be evaluated and commensurable to previous or existing cases.

The program will be detailed in its steps and execution timeframe.
We will do whatever needs to be done to support and implement the program, be it through utilizing our skills, effort or time.

Relationship to Beirut’s inhabitants, participation, cooperation and coordination

We believe that everyone has a right to know about all the campaign’s actions, especially actions that are in the public welfare scope and that deal with people’s rights and duties.
We will share any public information, which the laws allow, that deals with the city’s finances and technical issues. Transparency will be a constant throughout the campaign.
We assert the necessity to interact and cooperate with every segment of society, such as syndicates, local and international nongovernmental organizations and the private sector. We believe that our success depends on adopting a participatory approach with the various segments of society, and we believe that we need their support. We do not want to isolate ourselves from society, nor do we want to isolate any segment of society unless there is a contradiction with our code of ethics.
We will deal with political parties within the known and respected norms, making sure to remain independent in our stances.
We will strive to coordinate and collaborate with neighboring and remote municipalities, especially to help implement the program and help achieve its goals. We will promote the program through establishing cooperation committees with various legislative, executive and judicial entities in order to benefit the Greater Beirut Area.