Our Candidates

Architect, Head of List
Ibrahim MneimnehArchitect, Head of List

Architect and Designer, with seventeen years of experience in the field of urban design. He worked as an architect in multinational engineering firms where he was responsible for the design and management of many projects in the Middle East. He teaches at several universities, and gives international workshops on urban affairs. He is also a member in several international urban planning organizations. He is a supporter of sustainable design approaches, and is a LEED accredited professional in Neighborhood Design.

CEO, Vice-Head of List
Tarek AmmarCEO, Vice-Head of List

CEO and co-founder of ARA Research & Consultancy since 2002. He is a veteran researcher with over twenty years of research experience and a deep knowledge of the Arab world. He conducted many researches on electoral law and the priorities and needs of Lebanese. His love for Lebanon prompted him to create and successfully run the national campaign “Lebanon in our hearts,” promoting Lebanon as a touristic destination. He holds an MBA and a BA from the American University of Beirut and has been representing for the past 6 years ESOMAR that sets international standards relevant to opinion studies.

Creative Director
Amal CharifCreative Director

Creative Director, with extensive experience in the field of graphic design. She worked in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Lebanon and is currently engaged in developing a crowdsourcing website and mobile application that helps wheelchair and stroller users to identify accessible public and private locations on a free regional platform that is fully integrated with Maps. She also worked on photographing and documenting abandoned buildings in Beirut and stands as a long time activist in advocating for the rights of persons with special needs as she focuses her activities on the promotion of the right to access public spaces in Lebanon in general, and Beirut in particular.

Public Relations Specialist
Iman Al Hassan-GhandourPublic Relations Specialist

She holds an MBA from the AUB and has worked in the transportation department at the ESCWA in Beirut in addition to holding various positions in the private sector, in public relations and marketing. She was the vice-president of the IC alumni association where she helped in fundraising efforts to support underprivileged students. In addition, she was an active member in organizing committees in Lebanese Heritage festivals.

Singer and Songwriter
Ahmad KaabourSinger and Songwriter

Veteran singer, songwriter, music composer and actor. He is a long history in composing music for Palestine and its people, which later evolved to encompass Lebanon and its struggles. His music portrays his belief in its power to shed light on humanitarian causes, and in its ability to make a difference.

Educator and Educational Director
Maria ManokEducator and Educational Director

Educator, with 20 years of experience in the educational sector in several schools in Beirut. She holds a degree in Elementary Education from the American University of Beirut. Her career ranged from teaching preschool and elementary students reaching administrative responsibilities. She is currently the Director of the Lower School Division at Ahliah School. She is an advocate for hands on experiential learning and full inclusion of students with learning disabilities in classrooms. She also promotes social environmental awareness in the school community. A native of Mousaitbeh, she hopes to provide additional public spaces and a better environment for Beirut residents.

Painter and Installation Artist
Nada SehnaouiPainter and Installation Artist

Painter and installation artist, with a Master and a DEA in History from Paris IV-Sorbonne and a Diploma and Fifth year from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She has created large-scale installations in public spaces in Beirut, and her paintings and installations are exhibited internationally. She authored a book on the history of daily life in Beirut (1860-1914), and has written several articles in Lebanese newspapers on human rights, politics, and public health. She is a member of “Bahithat”, a Lebanese Women Researchers Association, and a founding member of the Civil Center for National Initiative.

Creative Director
Rana El-KhouryCreative Director

Creative Director in a renowned communication agency in Beirut, and board member of the Samir Kassir Foundation, where she contributes in organizing the Beirut Spring Festival, a free and public international cultural and artistic festival. She helped create international award winning campaigns for several NGOs and has been an activist since her university years, advocating for women’s rights and human rights. She has a BA in political science from the American University of Beirut.

Research Associate
Farah KoubayssiResearch Associate

Currently a senior research assistant at the AUB Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship. She is a political activist in many campaigns supporting women and workers’ rights and participated in movements for social justice. She holds an MA in Political Science (USJ) and an MA in Gendered Political Economies (AUC). She previously worked in NGOs focused on women and workers’ rights.

Forensic Expert
Rita MaaloufForensic Expert

Forensic expert and holds degrees in Biology, Forensic Sciences and Biotechnology from the US and holds a degree in Mediation from the Saint Joseph University. She is the first forensic expert accredited by Lebanese courts and she co-edited a publication on forensic sciences. She has worked in the humanitarian field for years and remains an activist and researcher in her field in academia.

Agricultural Engineer - Water Resources Management
Hussam HawwaAgricultural Engineer - Water Resources Management

Agricultural Engineer (AUB) and founding acting director of a consultancy company for improving water and environmental resources conservation. He holds an MSc. in Integrated Water Resources Management and Rural Development from The Netherlands. He has extensive project management and field experience in Lebanon at the national and local levels, in the fields of water and environmental resource management. He was active in many civil and environmental campaigns.

Architect and Urban Planner
Dr. Serge YazigiArchitect and Urban Planner

Architect and urban planner, expert in local and sustainable development. He has worked extensively with local and central governments in the Arab world. He heads Majal, the Academic Urban Observatory (ALBA/UOB), which he founded in 2007, and also teaches at ALBA, University of Balamand. He is a founding member of ICOMOS Lebanon, and member of the Fondation Nationale du Patrimoine. He researched urban renewal in Beirut and received a PhD in Planning History from the University of Bordeaux.

Architect and Urban Design Consultant
Abdul-Halim JabrArchitect and Urban Design Consultant

Architect, urban design consultant, university professor and civic activist. He was a member of APSAD, and co-authored a study for heritage buildings in Beirut, conducted for the DGU, and submitted to Council of Ministers (1997). As a member of the Order of Engineers and Architects, he was engaged in various initiatives, election cycles (independents), and conferences. He is a member of many civic campaigns in Beirut (heritage buildings, stopping the Fouad Boutros highway, protecting Rawche and Ramlet-el-Baida). He is member within the advisory committee for heritage buildings for the Ministry of Culture since 2014.

Karol Chebli-TueniJournalist

Studied mass communication at the Lebanese University. She was a TV presenter at MTV, following which she joined the Walt Disney Channel Middle East in Dubai, and was later appointed Executive Producer. She started studying law and continues doing volunteer work within civil society. She is married to Fadi Tueni, and has two daughters.

Architect and Professor at the Lebanese University
Leon TelvizianArchitect and Professor at the Lebanese University

Architect and urban Planner, and a professor at the Lebanese University. He is the author of many articles and studies on urban assessment, development and heritage. Trained in Lebanon, Canada and France, he was the founder and the director of the Urban Planning Department at the Lebanese University (1997- 2007). His experience covers the fields of international cooperation and scientific and professional practice of urban planning and local sustainable development. He is now a consultant for the EU, UN-ESCWA, UN-HABITAT and UNESCO on many urban issues of which strategic planning and urban heritage.

Real Estate Developer
Marc GéaraReal Estate Developer

Holds a Master in Economics from Saint Joseph University (USJ), and a BS in Computer Science from BUC (today’s LAU), and an MBA from INSEAD. He leads his own business as a real estate developer with a focus on small, affordable and environmentally friendly apartments. He is a founding member and president of Green Wheels, an NGO that lobbies for the use of cycling as a transportation mode in Lebanon, as well as the implementation of bike lanes in urban areas. He is also the vice president of the INSEAD Alumni Association in Lebanon and has been heavily involved in the launch of Ashrafieh 2020.

Marwan El TibiJournalist

Editor in Chief of Al Yom daily political newspaper with 15 years of professional experience in management consultancy in Europe and the Middle East. He has worked with governments on education IT projects in Lebanon and the UAE. Registered at the Lebanese Press Order, and member of the International Union of Arab Journalists, he has several volunteering experiences starting from 1996 with the Makassed Foundation during relief operation “Grapes of Unity”. He publishes Al Ayam, a monthly magazine highlighting, among other social and economic subjects, the needs of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. He comes from a family of respected Lebanese journalists, including Afif Al Tibi and Wafic Al Tibi. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies from AUB and a Masters of Sciences in Management from Lyon Business School in France.

Architect and Preservation Activist
Mona El HallakArchitect and Preservation Activist

She received her B. Arch from AUB in 1990 and her Master of Architecture from Syracuse University-Florence Program in 1994. She runs her own consultancy office with many residential projects built and under construction in Beirut. She is a member of APSAD “Association pour le Sauvegarde des Sites et Anciennes Demeures au Liban”, a founding member of “IRAB”, an NGO working on the preservation of the musical heritage of the Arab world, and a founding member of “ZAKIRA”, an NGO for promoting photography and its role in documenting and preserving Memory. She led several architectural heritage preservation campaigns and succeeded in saving the “Barakat Building” in Sodeco after 15 years of lobbying. The building was expropriated by the Municipality of Beirut and will be turned into Beit Beirut: a museum of memory and a cultural and urban center. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of Beit Beirut. She is currently engaged in the “Civil Campaign to protect the Dalieh of Raouche” – a unique natural heritage site threatened by real estate development- in an effort to keep it accessible to all as an open shared public space. In 2013, she was given the “Ordre National du Mérite au grade de Chevalier” from the French Republic in recognition of her work and achievements in preserving the architectural and cultural heritage of Beirut. This year, she was awarded the “Distinguished Alumnus of the Architecture and Design Department (ArD)” at the AUB.

May Al-DaoukDecorator

Decorator, works on many projects abroad, in the US, as well as in Beirut. She is involved in public affairs, through supporting many NGOs such as Skoun (drugs and alcohol addiction), Samir Kassir Foundation, as well as initiatives to protect the city’s urban and cultural heritage. She is also active in advocating for women’s rights in Lebanon.

Management of Cultural Programs
Nada Al-Dallal-DoughanManagement of Cultural Programs

Executive director of “Kitab fi Jarida”, a cultural development pan-Arab NGO, sponsored by the UNESCO. She has an MA in history from the Lebanese University. She worked as a cultural advisor for the UNESCO’s Ramallah book fair in Paris in 2005, and was the head of the Public Relations committee for Beirut’ s international marathon in 2003 in addition to other pan Arab and international sports tournament. She is a free lance essayist publishing  in Lebanon and Arab media.

Dr. Walid AlamiCardiologist

Cardiologist educated at AUB, the University of Oklahoma and Baylor College of Medicine. He returned to Lebanon in 2012, where he is practicing now. He is the president of the Health Care Society, and a board member of the “Takreem” awards’ selection committee. He serves as well on the IC Alumni Association board.

Pharmacist and Founder of “Donner Sang Compter”
Yorgui TeyrouzPharmacist and Founder of “Donner Sang Compter”

Pharmacist, he graduated from LAU. He runs his own pharmacy in Furn el Chebbak. In 2010, he founded a blood donation organization “Donner Sang Compter (DSC)” which became the link between potential donors and people in need of blood. To date, DSC has recruited more than 18,000 blood donors, and more than 60,000 patients have benefited from its services. He is very active in several campaigns in Lebanon to improve situation of public interest.

President of the Cooperative of Fishermen
Najib Al-DeekPresident of the Cooperative of Fishermen

President of the Cooperative of Fishermen in Ain El Mreisseh and former president of the Fishermen Association of Beirut. He is very active in fighting for the rights of fishermen in Beirut, particularly the port of Ain El Mreisseh.

Filmmaker and Actress
Nadine LabakiFilmmaker and Actress

Award-winning filmmaker and actress, with a degree in Audiovisual Studies (USJ). In 2005, Nadine participated in the Cannes Film Festival Residence to write Caramel. She directed and was a lead role in the film, which premiered at Cannes in 2007. Caramel was released theatrically in over 60 countries. Her second feature, Where Do We Go Now?, which she again wrote, directed and starred in, also premiered at Cannes in 2011, and won the Cadillac People’s Choice at the Toronto film festival.

The Beirut Madinati candidates are city dwellers who experience and well understand Beirut’s problems and its needs. They are people who value transparency and accountability and adhere to Beirut Madinati’s Code of Ethics. The candidates are people who know the value of engaging directly with citizens, while working closely alongside relevant experts with the primary goal of making Beirut a more livable city. Future Beirut Madinati councilors will decide on key projects and initiatives as per the Beirut Madinati Municipal Program priorities, and will relentlessly pursue their execution with the governor.

Beirut Madinati represents the diverse social fabric of Lebanon’s capital. It strives to redress the currently imbalanced representation within the municipal council, and adopts these key principles in its candidate selection:

  • Socio-economic diversity, with an emphasis on under-represented socio-economic categories, families and neighborhoods, while maintaining religious diversity;
  • Generational diversity, with an emphasis on youth;
  • Professional diversity,
  • Gender diversity, with an emphasis on women participation (currently represented by only three seats).