About Beirut Madinati

Beirut Madinati is an opportunity for change that starts with the recognition that our traditional political leadership has proven unable to responsibly manage urban affairs, and that we can collectively do much better.
Beirut Madinati is a volunteer-led campaign to elect a municipal council of qualified, politically unaffiliated individuals in the upcoming contest of May 2016, and, once in office, to support them in implementing a people-centered program that prioritizes livability in our storied city.
Drawing on the deep well of expertise available in Lebanon’s urban planners, transportation engineers, waste management experts, economists, and others, Beirut Madinati has formulated an electoral program which prioritizes the well-being of all who live or work here.    It addresses problems of affordability, mobility, waste management, air quality, public spaces, basic services, and municipal governance.
In all that it does and aspires to do, Beirut Madinati, strives to reflect its core values:  the primacy of the public good, social justice, transparency, and stewardship of our city for future generations.

Beirut Madinati: an opportunity and commitment to improve our city through the electoral process.  join us!